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Hello! To introduce myself, I’ll start with the basics. Growing up in San Diego, California, I was no stranger to sunny days and your typical suburban bliss. But too much of a good thing never satisfies, and I spent my first 18 years yearning for anything different from what I had known.

This drive took me to Chicago, where I attended DePaul University and found true happiness in my newfound freedom and an abundance of weather. Three years later, I found myself with a degree in English Creative Writing and an insatiable desire to spread my wings even further and fly my daily life to a new continent, much to my mother’s chagrin.

That brings me to the present, traveling Europe with my life savings and taking posts as an Au Pair to sustain my nomadic lifestyle. Along the way, I have found myself in love with the world of crochet designs.

Join me now in blog posts, poetry collections, crochet creations, and abstract thoughts as I chart my journey and thrust an American mind into new ways of life.

Happy travels! Caroline

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